Call For Papers


Download the Without End Call For Papers

We invite papers discussing the many ways that documents are essential in the research process as the inspirations, records and keepers of thinking. Topics may include, but are not restricted to:

Potential documents:
thinking outside the conventional definitions of the document

Documents tirelessly studied:
the object, artefact, specimen or the sample

the sites of personal meandering discussion

Small thoughts/Big ideas:
the use and evolution of post-it notes, marginalia and napkin epiphanies

Capturing the temporal:
how to document the experiment, performance or the moment as research

Subjective accounts:
how to document the response or reaction, the subjective, as part of research

All that’s left behind:
a chance to explore a satellite idea that did not/will not make the thesis

the research documents that unpick and reconstitute understanding

Resurrecting the document:
how to return, reread and reanimate the documents of research

Misadventure/Unexpected ends:
how to know which documented idea to follow

Please send an abstract of up to 300 words for 20-minute oral presentations, along with a short biography, as an email attachment to Meghann at

The deadline for submissions is 1st November 2017.